In early 2015, Tabletoys started as a small board gaming community in Surabaya, Indonesia. In the past, we have made monthly play day in local cafes while sometime sold some imported board games online. Then, it occurs to us that the board gaming hobby in our country is growing rapidly in recent years. This phenomenon has brought us to open Tabletoys Board Game Store & Library, the first board game library in Surabaya, at the end of 2016. The respond is overwhelming positive, with a lot of people from different backgrounds come to our place to know more about board game because this hobby is relatively new in Indonesia.

In 2018, we think we need something more than just selling and introducing board games to new people. Because of our love to board games, we decide to make our own games. Hopefully, this will make board games more accessible to Indonesians because of its local content. On the other hand, we can also introduce Indonesia to the world with our games. Our first game is Waroong Wars: Second Edition, a game about traditional authentic Indonesian cuisine and Bam-Bam Race, a racing game featuring numerous cute cartoon characters.

In the meantime, Bekraf has approved that Tabletoys is qualified in Boardgames Industry by selected twice in a row as Indonesia’s representative in Essen Spiel German (Biggest Boardgames Exhibition in the world). That was in 2018 and 2019. We hope we can spread our joy of board gaming to the worldwide community.

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Martin Ang

Editor & Bussiness Director

David Santoso

Sales & Technical Director
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