Bam-Bam Race

  • Difficulty Level
Hand Management
IDR 175.000 | USD 12

3 - 6 Players

15 - 45 Minutes

8+ years old

Bam-Bam Race is a wacky racing game to see who can get to the finish line and manage to stay there until the end of the round. Follow Bam-Bam and his friends to celebrate Indonesian independence day.

Designed to be a grab-and-play game, Bam-Bam Race is easy to set up. Also, it is easy to learn, so your new friends can jump in and play, but still offer strategies to keep you entertained.

Game Features :

  • Cute artwork based on Indonesia lore.
  • Family friendly content
  • Small footprint, easy to set up

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Download rule book via google drive in English or Indonesia.


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  • 36 Action Cards
  • 12 Track Cards
  • 6 Avatar Tokens
  • 1 First Player Token
  • 1 Rulebook in English & Indonesian

Tutorial Video