Waroong Wars Second Edition

  • Difficulty Level
Card Drafting, Set Collection
IDR 210.000 | USD 22

3 - 5 Players

15 - 30 Minutes

8+ years old

Shop, cook, and gain customer !! In Waroong Wars you will become the proud owner of various Indonesian food eateries known as “Waroong”. In order to sustain the highly competitive environment, player will be compete to become the best “Waroong” in Indonesia.┬áContinuing from old Waroong Wars, Waroong Wars: Second edition is a brand new game that have a same game play with its predecessor, but offering some new update. The champion of Indonesia Boardgame Challenge and one of the best selling board game in Indonesia just got better and more fun in this second edition.

Game Features :

  • New beautiful artwork to represent Indonesian menu cards.
  • More streamline rules to make game play more balance and easy to learn.
  • New character cards for each player.
  • Play with a more variety of menu cards option in a single game.

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Download rule book via google drive in English or Indonesia.


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  • 39 Ingredient Cards
  • 32 Menu Cards
  • 5 Go Boy! Cards
  • 32 Customer Cards
  • 5 Character Cards
  • 18 Extra Poin Token
  • 1 First Cooking Marker
  • 1 Rulebook in English & Indonesian

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