Amidst this global pandemic, these are challenging times that we are facing, and as such, we believe that our mission of bringing joy to people’s lives is more important than ever. After all, what better way to bring joy and excitement to the comfort and safety of your own homes than through board games?

We recognize that the board gaming community, especially in Indonesia, is ever expanding. Even in these trying times, we are finding ways to find a sense of community in our mutual love of tabletop board games, even when we’re social distancing. So in the spirit of community, this time we are turning to all of you aspiring board game designers looking for a platform: Tabletoys is opening submissions for your original board games! Our team of experts will appraise your games, and if they think you’ve got what it takes, your game will then be edited, prototyped, and tested – eventually even published! We want to help you introduce your creations to the world, so submit your board game ideas here!

So, what are you waiting for? Submit your board games now, and, who knows – you might get the chance to join our growing family!

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